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Musical King of Singers

Date: 19/11/2021

  • Five shows of the grand original Cantonese musical King of Singers produced by The Hong Kong Children’s Choir were successfully held at the Grand Theatre of Xiqu Centre from 19 to 21 November. The Composer-in-Residence of HKCC Dr Steve Ho is the librettist, composer and lyricist of the musical. Directed by Franco Tsang, and produced by HKCC’s Music Director Kathy Fok and Head of Artistic Coordination Vivian Suen, the long-awaited musical can achieve such great success and be well received by the audience, a big round of applause must be given to all the casts on stage, as well as all the staff behind the screen, who had rehearsed and worked so hard for months striving to present a perfect piece of work to everyone. Support and understanding from all parents are also greatly appreciated throughout the preparation of the musical.


    King of Singers happens in a future ruled by AI robots. Humans are treated as inferior creatures and not allowed to learn how to sing. In the legend, there is a secret hidden in the ancient treasure vault that can take control over the AI. However, only a human voice that possesses extraordinary musical skills can open the vault and become the “King of Singers”. AI King kidnaps human singers trying to open the vault, meanwhile, a group of children, Salad, Ah Chuen, Gut Jai and Ah B, find the Book of Codes and go in search of the secret in the hope of saving the human race.


    Special Appearance & Member Casts on 19 & 21 November:

    CHEN Chen, Louise KWONG, Ernest HUI, Kelvin LAU, Dominique CHAN

    Natalie CHOW, Brian CHAN, Janisa MAK, Savio TAM


    Special Appearance & Member Casts on 20 November:

    Apollo WONG, Ashley LIN, Sanders LAU, Dominic LAM, Dominique CHAN

    Katie LAM, Issac CHAU, CHOW Hong-ching, SUEN Shun