Choral Supervisors

Choral Supervisors
  • Margaret HUNG
    Elementary Level

    Hung graduated from the Music Department of Chinese Univresity of Hong Kong. She attained the piano diploma (LTCL) from Trinity College London and Northcote Prize in music education. In addition to learning the Kodaly method with Mr Mark Williams, Hung also participated in Dalcroze, Carl Orff and Eurhythmics workshops organized by Chistoph Manbach, Paulo and Joseph Riader. She studied music pedagogy for young children, for example, Musikgarten, in America, Canada and Taiwan.

    Hung joined HKCC in the 80s and took part in tours to North America, Asia and Australia. She was involved in the recording and production of songbooks for the choral and IEC courses. Hung is currently the choral supervisor and a tutor of the IEC courses.

  • HO Tsz-yan
    Junior Level

    After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Music at HKBU, Ho completed her Master’s Degree in Music Composition at CUHK. During her studies, she also had piano, vocal, conducting and percussion training. Her expertise has been accumulated through her teaching experience at HKCC and she was appointed as the Music Supervisor of HKCC in 2008. She has participated in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival and recordings of CDs of the IEC and Junior Level Songbooks. In recent years, she has greatly participated in music education for kids and progressively becomes passionate about music composition for kids. Our Mission Our Hope and Ignite Hope are her latest choral works for children. Besides, being a highly motivated individual, she is a current member of Hong Kong Composers’ Guild and CASH.

  • Patricia CHAN
    Intermediate Level

    Chan graduated from the Grantham College of Education, majoring in music. She later obtained her Bachelor of Education (Hons) Degree from CUHK. Chan has been devoted to children music education for many years and she is nominated in the 19th Teachers Commendation Scheme. She led the school choir team to win the champions of Choir section (Chinese as well as English) in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival for 7 consecutive years. The teams led by her won the prestigious titles of "The Most Outstanding Primary School Choir in the New Territories" and "the Best Chinese Primary School Choir in the New Territories".


    She actively participated in the composition of children songs. She was awarded the merit prize in Children's Choral Music Composition Competition. Chan took part in HKCC's overseas tours to Australia, Europe, Norway and the United Kingdom in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2005 respectively and was the Associate Conductor in the 2006 tour to Tianjin.

Assistant Choral Supervisors
  • Catherine TSO
    Junior Level

    HKCC's alumna, Tso holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, a diploma in piano performance and a certificate in Grade 8 Music Theory. Having great passion in music, she actively participated in various music activities. She received choral training at HKCC. Tso has studied music education, religious music, conducting, vocal, piano, harp and flute. She has been a primary school teacher and has taught a great number of choirs and children musicals. Also, she has conducted and accompanied the church choir. Tso is currently a full-time piano, vocal and music theory tutor.

  • Lianna TSE
    Intermediate Level

    Tse graduated from the Music Department of HKAPA, majoring in vocal studies. She studied with the renowned soprano Ms Tsui-Fraser Katusha. In recent years, she has been learning musicals and pop songs with Ms Eli Fung. Tse is currently a freelance performer and a vocal teacher. She participated in choir conducting, singing and musicals. Lately, she performed in The Passage Beyond by Actors Family and Sunday in the Park with George by Theatre Space. Tse was involved in the vocal instructions of The Sound of Music by the Spring-Time Group and Her Magic of Life by Grand Jete.


    In 2009, Tse formed a choral group Ones with other vocalists. She is currently the lead singer of the group Pickpak. Tse was appointed as the Assistant Choral Supervisor of HKCC since 2010.