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Concert "HKCC Sings Alex Tam"

Date: 19/09/2021

  • Concert "HKCC Sings Alex Tam" was held on 19 September at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall in the afternoon and evening for two performances respectively by The Hong Kong Children's Choir. It is the second time HKCC has organized special concerts for local composers. Alex Tam joined HKCC as a senior class tutor in 2011 and during these ten years, he has written a number of outstanding choral works for treble voices. 13 songs were selected and included in the Alex Tam Choral Collections for Treble Voices published by HKCC in 2020, being part of the strength to promote local choral music.


    From the youngest elementary classes to the most experienced Concert Choir, around 1,500 HKCC members had participated in the performances. Alex's works are always in diversified styles and refreshing themes, for instance, songs about animals The Elephant Dance and Giraffe; using the Pi numbers as lyrics The Pi Songs, etc. His works at the same time are also suitable for choral classes in different grades, for example, a simple but delightful song Seven Days Tour for the junior classes; meanwhile, the powerful and impressive pieces Trusting the Rainbow and No Woundless World for the senior classes.


    The song Good Old Friend is written by Alex for his best friend Albert Lim, conductor of HKCC Chamber Boys, which was performed in the first half of the shows by their classes, Senior A and Chamber Boys. Alex and Albert also joined hands to perform the duet part of the song. The local youth mixed-voice choir Die Konzertisten was invited as a guest performer as well and presented three works with HKCC Chamber Youth at the beginning of the second half of the shows. The concerts were ended with the song written for HKCC Music Director Kathy Fok, Some Kind of Love, expressing all the love and gratitude towards choral singing from all of the performers.


    The audio of the concert is recorded by RTHK 4 and selected parts will be broadcasted via radio (FM Stereo 97.6-98.9) and online platforms (radio4.rthk.hk). The autographed version of Alex Tam Choral Collections for Treble Voices were all sold out on the concert day. This songbook is available as sheet music per song or as a set for the whole collection, for more details please click here.