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A Tribute to The Hong Kong Children's Choir III

  • Song List

    1.     All the Children of the World (Jack Noble WHITE)

    2.     This is My Father's World (Jack Noble WHITE)

    3.     Blessed Peace (Jack Noble WHITE)

    4.     Can You Hear the Children Singing (潘健康 Healthy POON)

    5.     街道迷宮 Street Maze of Hong Kong (何崇志 Steve HO)

    6.     歌聲永伴 Melody Forever (衛嘉欣 Frankie WAI)

    7.     小花貓 Little Kitty (Heinrich SCHWEIZER)

    8.     水調歌頭 Shui Diao Ge Tou (莫紉蘭 MOK Yan-lan)

    9.     聖誕頌讚 The Praise of Christmas (Heinrich SCHWEIZER)

    Item: SB016-30