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Pre-Tour Concert 2023

Date: 15/07/2023

  • The Hong Kong Children's Choir (HKCC) Pre-Tour Concert 2023 was held on 15 July at Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall, providing local audiences a preview of the exciting programme of repertoire HKCC members had prepared for the touring performances to Beijing, Dezhou and Thailand.


    Debut performances of selected works were given in the concert, including A New Day by Mr Alex Tam, which was commissioned by HKCC and Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival (HKICF) in celebration of HKCC's 55th and HKICF's 7th Anniversary; the choral version of the famous Cantonese pop song by Sam Hui, Song of a Hong Kong Sojourner, arranged by Dr Steve Ho; the Cantonese SSAA version of Spirit of Winding Water, with lyrics written by Mr Healthy Poon; and the SSAA version of The Shadow Dance of Sylva by the renowned Singaporean composer Mr Darius Lim. Seeing the touring performances as an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange, HKCC members selected songs showcasing local culture and traditions, such as Mei Lai Building and Dim Sum Song, to promote the music of Hong Kong to audiences overseas. Some of the composers attended the concert as well to support the touring group, as the group was all set to leave for Beijing for the tour the next day.