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"HKCC & Friends" Concert Series - Voices of Youth

Date: 25/07/2021

  • The Hong Kong Children's Choir held its first large scale concert since classes were resumed at Hong Kong City Hall on 25 July in the afternoon. Two outstanding youth choirs in Hong Kong, Die Jungen Konzertisten and The Learners Chorus, were invited to be the guest choirs. The theme of the concert is "Voices of Youth", and the young and vibrant voices from the three choirs together presented a fresh and energetic concert in the summer afternoon.


    The youngest choir in the concert, the Concert Choir of HKCC, led by their tutors and conductors Vivian Suen, Dominic Lam and accompanist Lin Ching, started the show with seven choral pieces in foreign languages. Songs Cain & Abel, as well as Don't Be Afraid written by Lin Ching during the pandemic, were world premiered in the concert. Guest choir Die Jungen Konzertisten was then led by the first runner up of the Hong Kong Choral Conducting Competition, Sanders Lau, performed four selected works from the Renaissance period, Romantic period, early 20th century and Contemporary period to let the audience feel the differences in the styles and the flow of time through their voices.


    Concert Choir was back to the stage again in the second half of the concert in Chinese traditional costume, presented five songs in oriental style: songs Night at the Lantern Festival and Cik Cuk Ding Ding were the selected works in the HKCC 50th Anniversary Children's Choral Composition Selections, written by local composers Chan Kai-young and Austin Yip respectively. The other three songs Let Music Flow, Kung Fu and The Legend of Arirang are works of the Composer-in-Residence of HKCC, Dr Steve Ho. The composers had all attended the concert to witness the performance of the choir members and the reaction from the audience. Guest Choir The Learners Chorus, was then led by the double champion of the Hong Kong Choral Conducting Competition, Apollo Wong and presented three excellent works. Song Synthesis is written by the alumnus of HKCC Jason Liu to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Learners Chorus, expressing the love and passion toward Choral Arts via the beautiful melody.


    Three choirs joined hands to present two songs together in the last part of the concert under the baton of Apollo Wong, which the composer of the song What If the World Lost Its Voice, Warren Lee, had joined them as well with his piano performance and received a round of applause. The audio of the concert is recorded by RTHK 4 and selected parts will be broadcasted via radio and online platforms.