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Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Concert “Ji”

Date: 15/07/2022

  • Inspired by the traditional Chinese Taichi culture, which emphasizes the pursuit of harmony between man and nature, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra presented the Concert “Ji”—a collaborative effort between its Artistic Director and Principal Conductor for Life Mr Yan Huichang, Taichi Master Xing Qilin, Composer Mr Ng Cheuk-yin, Director Mr Yuri Ng, Dancers Ms Linda Fung and Ms Qiao Yang, Movement Trainer Ronald Tsang and The Hong Kong Children’s Choir. The essential elements of Taichi culture were delivered via Chinese music, on-stage movement, modern choreography and children’s choral music.


    The Concert “Ji” was held at the Grand Theatre of Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 15 and 16 July for two consecutive nights. HKCC members from Senior A and Concert Choir participated in the 3rd section “Origin”, where they used wooden wind chimes, leaves and finger-clicking clips to mimic the sound of the wind and rain, as well as in the “Spirit”, “Evil” and “Essence” sections in the forms of choral music, on-stage movement and reciting. An eclectic mix of music, martial arts, dance and visual arts, the concert explored the Chinese virtues of achieving harmony from a brand new perspective.