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Date: 21/12/2020

From vinyl records, to cassette tapes and CDs, HKCC's recorded music is now available on different music streaming platforms for the first time in history! Bringing you four songs excerpt from the album "Voice of the World". The following performance was presented by HKCC during Pre-Tour Concert and the Tour to Korea and Japan in 2014 at the National Theater of Korea.

About the songs

Voices of the World is the theme song of "World Association of Chinese Youth Choirs", expressing the wish of connecting the world with music, as singing is the universal language of all people regardless of nationality, race, or any other status.

A Bright New Sunny Day
brings love and hopes to children who suffered from wars, saying a prayer for a bright new day where the world is free from pain.

Pastoral Song
is an Eastern Mongolian folk song, the magnificence of the prairie as well as the pureness of pastoral lifestyle are vividly demonstrated by the calm and relaxing melody together with the simple and sincere lyrics of the song.

With various famous tunes of Korean song Arirang, integrated into the Chinese folk songs such as Love Song of Kangding, together bring an admirable mix of Chinese and Korean music, The Legend of Arirang.

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